/Free ride on Nysa 522 van "Icons of communism"/

Visitors of Museum of Life under Communism will have unique opportunity of a free ride on Nysa 522 every. We start at 11.30 and end 15.00 every Sunday in November and December. Each ride last about 25 minutes. The number of places in van is limited but you can book your ride at the reception while buying ticket to museum. Enjoy!

Route: Museum of life under Communism - Ministry of Agriculture - Palace of Culture - House of the Party - Museum of life under Communism

We organize tours in historic Nysa 522 vans. The Museum of Life under Communism, the "Charm of the PRL", is part of the Adventure Warsaw company and one of the attractions during the organized tours in historic Nysa 522 vans. We invite you to participate in the sightseeing trips or to rent historic Nysa 522 vans. Below you will find a brief description of the trips offered..

/Communism Tour/

Discover the most important buildings and go with us for a journey through the whole history of socialism in Poland. You will see the most important symbols of the era including the Palace of Culture and Science, the former Central Committee of the Party and the Constitution Square. You will learn how the capital was rebuild after the war and at the Ministry of Agriculture you will discover utopian projects of the previous political system. At the end of the trip you will visit the museum where you will learn how people lived during the PRL times. You will also listen about the history and the fall of the communist regime.

Duration: 3h Book at Adventure Warsaw

/Off the beaten path trip/

Discover the unknown Warsaw and feel the atmosphere of the city. We will show you the nooks and corners of pre-war Paris of the North and the last street of the ghetto in Grzybowski Square. Seeing the Palace of Culture and Science as well as the Constitution Square, you will discover how the capital was rebuilt after the war. We will show you the local atmosphere of Praga district in the "Bermuda Triangle" and to cool down you will try the real Polish cuisine in the authentic milk bar. In the end you will visit the "Charm of the PRL" museum to feel the atmosphere of the bygone communist era.

Duration: 4h Book at Adventure Warsaw