/Visit our museum and check benefits each day!/

Monday- SENIORS day. All seniors gets cake for free.

Tuesday- STUDENTS day. All students get a ticket for 10 pln.

Wednesday- TEACHERS day. All teachers gets reduced ticket.

Thursday- EXPAT day! Audioguide for free!

Friday- KIDS day- all kids get lolipop or turbo gum for free.

Weekend- If you celebrate birthday you get coffee for free.

In case of any question please call 511 044 808.

/Opening hours/

Monday - Thursday: 10.00 - 18.00

Friday: 12.00 - 20.00

Saturday - Sunday: 10.00 - 18.00


Tickets cost:
normal - 20 PLN
reduced/groups - 14 PLN
children up to 5 years old go to museum for free
CAUTION: Group ticket is only available upon prior confirmation by e-mail.
Tickets can be purchased directly at the museum box office.


/We accept and sell Warsaw Pass/

From April 1st 2019 we accept and sell Warsaw Pass
which allows you to visit most important Warsaw's attraction at a lower price.
With the Warsaw Pass card free admission.


You can hire a guide in the museum but you need to make a reservation first. The average visit with a guide takes about 45 minutes. The guides speak the following languages: Polish, English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. We also have lessons in the museum for schools. More information in the museum offer.

NOTE: the maximum number of people per visit is 50 people - larger groups are divided and enter the museum at intervals of 30 minutes.


Visiting the museum

Normal ticket - 20 PLN / Reduced ticket - 14 PLN / Group ticket (over 10 people) - 14 PLN per person

Guide services

Polish - 120 PLN / Other Languages - 150 PLN

Organising conferences/meetings with writers/lectures in the museum

Museum lessons for schools

Renting vintage cars from the PRL times (People's Republic of Poland)

Transfers and tours by a genuine Nysa 522 van. Rent a classic Fiat 126 p for a self-drive tour!
more info on adventurewarsaw.pl

Renting objects and costumes from the PRL times

See the list of props.

Renting the space in the museum

for photo sessions/film sets/events